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June 9, 2017 12:36 am

Light or Dark Toned Timber Flooring

Picking the tones & finishes on your sanded timber floor boards

Taking the time to choose your finished colour tone can make or break the final look of your sanded & polished timber floor.

& We get it though!

…There are so many options to choose from, it can be mind boggling.

Sanded & polished timber flooring is a great choice for home reno’s as they give character that no other floor option can.

Not only that

With added character comes added perceived value. As well as keeping the maintenance low and allergy free, timber floor boards are a natural insulation barrier to the elements.

Yes that’s right.

Your home will actually look and feel like a more luxurious property.

The timeless and streamlined look can be your homes finest feature.

Our partners at Freedom Flooring can assist with choosing the grade & finish of your floor boards, as they’re unique process of sanding the boards will also provide different levels of charatcer.

To learn more about their floor sanding, click here and you will find helpful advice on their floor sanding website.

How to decide what tone of colour to choose.

We can pretty much categorise the colour tones into two groups.

Light & Dark

So first lets take a look at the variations in timber species for each category.

Light Toned Timber Options

Bleached Tasmian Oak
White Wash Oak
Pearl Oak
Rose Washed Oak
New England Oak
Reclaimed Maple
Natiural Oak
Stringy Bark



Darker Toned Timber Options

Grey Box
Grey Ironbark
Sydney Blue Gum
Firest Reds
Red Mahogany

So as you can imagine, there is a large list of timber species to choose from.

To work out what type of tone will best suit your home, it’s important to understand how your décor will compliment the floor tones.

Furniture style will almost always depict the tone of floor.

For instance if your furntiure and décor style has a beachy feel, then you would be best to opt for lighter toned timber flooring to compliment the style.

However if your after a very sophisticated and more classic look, then darker tones will be perfect.

Whilst getting the tone right, another thing to consider is the grade of the timber.

This is how much character the floor boards have.

So if we consider timber that is rough sawn, is knotty and has deep running grain through out, that would be considered as having a rich character.

Timber that has been smooth cut and straight running low cut grain will provide little charatcer, however be stylish and clinical.

It really does depend on your lifestyle and home decor

Timber grades can be viewed as clean grade, moderate and high featured.

So we’ve esatblished there are many options to selecting your perfect floor timber type.

We always recommend getting the professionals to help you decide and fulfil the project.

In many ways the cost of the professionals will be saved in the long run, as the finish will be impeccable, and long lasting.

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